UNFPA launches ‘Pre-departure’ programme in Umnugobi

2021-11-16 14:38:40

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Within the implementation of the Integrated Support Programme for women and young people's health in Umnugobi province, UNFPA has launched the 'Pre-departure' programme in Umnugobi province. The pre-departure programme aims to provide adolescents graduating from secondary school with better preparation for coping with the new environment when they become a student. Programme concentrate on delivering comprehensive guidance on sexual and reproductive health services, social support services for adolescents, and integrating with other programmes.

The pre-departure programme is a part of the whole cycle of studying and is designed to reduce the vulnerability of adolescents and enable them to maximize benefits from outside of their hometown studies. The cycle begins with making a decision to study for higher education followed by leaving their home, arriving in a different place, integrating into a new environment, and living and studying in other places. Thus, a pre-departure programme helps adolescents to become informed and empowered for each phase.

Source: UNFPA Mongolia