Mongol Ecology Center renovates student development classroom at School No. 29

2021-06-23 14:41:51

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Mongol Ecology Center has renovated a student development classroom at School No. 29, with financing from a grant through Australia’s Direct Aid Program. Equipped with modern devices and equipment as well as books and internet access, students will be able to be involved in extracurricular lessons and activities, work in teams, and productively spend their free time. School No. 29 is a specialized school for the deaf and hearing-impaired. 


Training Manager of School No. 29 T.Undral said, “I am sincerely grateful to Mongol Ecology Center for renovating a student development hall at our school, with support from Australia's Direct Aid Program. During breaks, our students used to simply sit around in this area. I am very happy that the space has been repurposed. At this fully furnished hall, our students will be able to further develop themselves, and it will also be possible for lessons and training sessions to be organized by the school psychologist, social worker, and nurse.”


The handover ceremony was attended by the executive director of Mongol Ecology Center, program coordinators, the school’s training manager, teachers, psychologist, and 12th grade students.


Executive Director of Mongol Ecology Center Yo.Badral said, “I believe that we created an appropriate space for high school students to spend their free time productively. With internet access and a library of books, we did our best to create a comfortable environment for the students. Based at this exact classroom, many more programs are currently being planned to be implemented. The furnishing of the classroom and the program are being financed with assistance from the Australia’s Direct Aid Program. In collaboration with the school administration and teachers, we plan to create digital content for deaf and hearing-impaired youths.”


During the ceremony, the Mongol Ecology Center project team screened a preview of the video content being developed for deaf and hearing-impaired children and youth in the framework of the project. On August 21, a one-day event is also being planned to be organized for students of School No. 29 to support their socialization and help inspire them.

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