E-Mongolia mobile app for public services downloaded 61k times in less than one month

2020-10-29 13:10:45

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. E-Mongolia electronic platform for public services has been added by 7 types of services offered by the road and transport departments of the government, including enquiries for information of driver's penalty points and license, state registration of auto vehicles, auto vehicle inspection, issuance and termination of state registration of auto vehicles and re-issuance of specialized drivers’ license, etc. 

Within the framework of government’s digital transition, master plan for the improvement of smart transportation system has been developed with support from Republic of Korea, notes Deputy Minister of Road and Transport Development J.Bat-Erdene. 

Since the launch of the E-Mongolia system on October 1, its mobile application has been downloaded by 61,829 users, providing various types of public services 138,891 times in total.  The system, which compiles and integrates government services to provide easy and smooth round-the-clock access, now allows  citizens to obtain various types of government services through mobile application and online website. 

E-Mongolia mobile application will soon be embedded with Chimege speech recognition software, developed by Chemege Systems, Mongolian startup company, to extend digital accessibility of public services and enable easier access for people with disabilities.