Wax figures of Kublai Khan and Mongol Commanders on display

Art & Culture
2020-09-24 12:11:24

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. ‘Munkh Tengeriin Tsag’ NGO, and Chinggis Khaan Wax Museum are jointly hosting an exhibition of ‘Kublai Khan and Mongol commanders’ at the National Museum of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar on September 23 on the occasion of the 805th jubilee of the birth of Kublai Khan, a grandson of Chinggis Khaan, which is being marked this year. 

The exhibition is displaying wax figures of Khublai Khan and other Mongol commanders and generals of the period around 13th and 14th centuries, including Jamukha, Khasar, Muqali, Bo'orchu, Tolui and and Oulen, mother of Chinggis Khaan and others. Moreover, valuable historical items belonging to the Yuan Dynasty, are on public view from the National Museum of Mongolia’s treasury. 

According to the organizers of the exhibition, the wax figure being showcased at the exhibition is the first ever wax figure of Kublai Khan in the world, and more than 30 artists participated in creating the wax figures, spending more than four years with guidance from historians on the historical accuracy of the wax figures.