Mongolia asks foreign governments to support its citizens abroad

2020-07-20 17:35:13
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ With a goal to bring more than 10 thousand Mongolians, who have wishes to return home from abroad immediately due to the globally-spread COVID-19 pandemic, back to their homeland within a short period of time, the Government of Mongolia has been intensifying its repatriation activities.

According to a directive given by Minister of Foreign Affairs N.Enkhtaivan, requests have been forwarded to governments of 55 countries of Asia, Europe, America, Australia and Africa on paying much-needed attention to the Mongolian nationals until Mongolia completes repatriating its citizens who are stranded abroad due to COVID-19 border closure. The requests also include, particularly, providing support on extending their visa terms and residential permission, having them involved in COVID-19 test, and treatment in case they are infected with the virus as well as rendering assistance to citizens, who are facing financial problems.

Together with this, the government is taking some measures to help its citizens abroad through bilateral and multilateral cooperation. In specific, the government in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration provided food aid to around 200 Mongolians stranded in Turkey. These measures will continue in the future, reports the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

According to the State Emergency Commission’s decision, a total of 38 charter flights have been conducted in 12 routes, repatriating around 14 thousand citizens from 44 countries until today.