Flights to and from Japan to be suspended for 14 days starting February 28

2020-02-26 18:57:39

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At its meeting on February 26, State Emergency Commission made a decision to extend the suspension of traffic movements between Ulaanbaatar and 21 aimags until 8 a.m. March 3.


It was also decided to prolong the suspension of all flights to and from the Republic of Korea until March 11, suspend all flights between Mongolia and Japan from February 28 to March 11, and temporary restrict the entry of foreign nationals and stateless persons who have traveled to the Republic of Korea, Italy and Japan in the past 14 days, effective from February 28. 


The commission ordered authorities of government ministries and agencies and governors of the capital city and aimags to ban domestic and foreign business trips of their staff - civil servants - between February 27 and March 30. 


It then decided to keep Mongolian and foreign nationals arriving from the countries affected by Covid-19 in quarantine for 14 days starting from their date of arrival and have them cover the costs of doing so and punish those who intentionally or unintentionally spread misinformation about the disease.


Heads of the National Police Agency, General Intelligence Agency, and the capital city government were assigned to penalize individuals who lied about their travel history and health or refused to give the information required upon arrival from coronavirus-affected countries as well as those who did not abide by the decisions of public organizations, State Emergency Commission, and other competent authorities.