Tourism events planned in March to be cancelled

2020-02-19 13:47:48

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Minister of Environment and Tourism N.Tserenbat has issued a ministerial decree to not organize all tourism events that were planned in March. 

The decision was made in correlation with the government's decision to raise the state of readiness amid concerns over the novel coronavirus outbreak. Governors of aimags and the capital city have been obliged to cancel the tourism events planned for March. The events include:

  • the Eagle Festival, the Altai Eagle Festival, and the Nauryz Eagle Festival in Bayan-Ulgii aimag

  • the ice knuckle-bone shooting event in Bulgan aimag

  • ‘Chinggis Master Cross’ auto rally in Darkhan-Uul aimag

  • ‘Mungulug Shagshuurga (Silver Reeds)’ winter festival in Khovd aimag

  • the ice festival in Khuvsgul aimag

  • the Ten Thousand Camels Festival in Umnugobi aimag.