China Alumni in Mongolia donate MNT 22 million to Wuhan city hospital

2020-02-14 15:06:40

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongolia’s China Alumni Association and Wuhan Alumni Association donated MNT 22 million to the Wuhan city hospital and handed over the donation yesterday to the Embassy of China in Mongolia. The fund raising campaign was launched from January 23 with more than 3,000 people giving donations.

“We will be with China and our friends there in overcoming this serious disease. More than 10,000 citizens of Mongolia graduated from Chinese universities since 2016 and work now in all parts of the country. I am glad that more than 3,000 alumni and students were involved in the donation campaign,” said B.Arthur, President of China alumni association.

Ambassador of China to Mongolia Chai Wenrui said that the Government of Mongolia, its public organizations and individuals have been rendering tangible assistance to us. "Thousands of Chinese people thanked Mongolian people for their kindness and left comments in social media. They also pray so that no one else will fall ill with this disease, Mongolians are among them."