Medals of International Youth Green Games to be made with recycled materials

2020-02-04 18:05:50

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Partnership agreements have begun to be signed with co-organizing parties of the International Youth Green Games being organized under the auspices of the President of Mongolia within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals-2030. With a sports program consisting of 25 sports, the event will be organized in Ulaanbaatar city between September 13 and 20.

The utmost goal of the International Youth Green Games is to give eco and health education to the children and youth. The signing ceremony was attended by Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the International Youth Green Games, Director-General of the Executive Committee B.Tamir, Chairman of ‘Shine Uy’ Sports Medicine Academy of Mongolia D.Bayarjargal, President of the Mongolian National Recycling Association D.Byambasaikhan, and General Director of ‘Let’s Travel’ LLC S.Amgalanbat.

The aforementioned partner organizations will have several responsibilities, which include preparing 60-80 doctors and nurses for first aid services during the event, organizing accommodation, providing eco foods and meals, and being in charge of waste.

The 32nd Summer Olympic Games that will soon take place in Tokyo, Japan is named as an environmentally friendly Olympics as a campaign has been organized for its citizens to donate their old mobile phones and electronics to gather materials to be recycled for the medals. Similarly, the medals and the award pedestal for the International Youth Green Games are planned to be manufactured using recycled materials.