Hedge Fund to be set up to stabilize price of AI-92 gasoline

2020-01-08 15:46:12

At its regular meeting held today, January 8, the Cabinet  made a decision to set up Hedge Fund in order to keep the price of AI-92 gasoline stable.  


Stabilizing price of AI-92 gasoline, which is commonly used by the citizens, has significance to back up economic growth and avoid price increase in other goods. Furthermore, for the first time, Mongolia will introduce a mechanism to stabilize price of imported petroleum in consistent with world market.


In its Action Program for 2016-2020, the Government set a goal to ease price burden as making fuel price coherent with world market price. No additional financing will be required from state budget to make this coordination and changes will not be made in any agreements that were concluded with foreign countries by oil- importing companies. 

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