Local technology-based paint factory opens in Erdenet city

2019-12-11 16:24:12

Orkhon /MONTSAME/ A paint factory with a capacity of three tons per day and 90 tons per year has been put into operation in Erdenet city, Orkhon aimag.

The factory established with MNT 60 million under the Erdenet Science and Technology Park (STP), will have five workers and produce 12 types of paints in over 30 colors. The STP has conducted research for the plant over the last two years and had the laboratory testing carried out in Finland.

The Euro-standard, water-based, odorless eco-paints produced with Mongolian technology are quick drying and does not require multiple coats. Its main ingredient is chalk.

Established in 2017, Erdenet STP has built four factories and currently administers around 10 companies.

The factory’s products will be used for development in Orkhon aimag, said D.Batlut, Governor of the aimag, at the opening ceremony.

The factory is expected to substitute paint imports from Russia and China.