Cabinet meeting news in brief

2019-11-06 17:39:08

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At its regular meeting on November 6:

-     The Cabinet approved the Mongolia-Russia Intergovernmental Agreement on Assistance to Interregional and Cross-Border Cooperation. The agreement was established this year to assist the development of bilateral cooperation in economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian spheres, cross border infrastructure, education, environmental protection, tourism, energy, agriculture and other areas; and collaborate in boosting inter-regional and cross-border trade and  transit transport and liberalizing trade regimes.

-       The Cabinet decided to submit to the Parliament the draft law on amendments to the Immovable Property Tax Law. The draft law proposes raising taxes on residential properties situated in protected areas and nature reserves in line with the asset’s value.

-       It was decided to issue a Prime Minister's order to grant authorization to sign agreements on additional financing for the ‘Infrastructure Development – Bayanzurkh, Darkhan, and Selenge’ and ‘Infrastructure Development - Songinokhairkhan’ projects. Under the projects to be implemented in 2019-2021, actions will be taken to illuminate streets and roads of highly populated municipal and rural areas with poor infrastructure development.

-       A project is being carried out to establish hygienic meat processing plant and wholesale market for meat and meat products with refrigerated storage in the west and east of Ulaanbaatar. The Cabinet allowed to postpone customs and value added taxes on the equipment, spare parts, and materials to be supplied under the project within two years starting from the date the taxes are imposed.