CO detectors to be installed in 220 thousand homes of Ger districts in UB

2019-10-09 17:26:36

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On October 9, the Cabinet assigned Ulaanbaatar city Mayor S.Amarsaikhan to manage installation work of  carbon monoxide detector in 220 thousand Ger district houses in Ulaanbaatar city before November 1. High-quality CO alarm at affordable price will be installed for free the first time. Government’s National Committee on Air Pollution Reduction will fund the required around MNT 6 billion to purchase the detectors. 

Also on this day, the Cabinet approved a geographic coordinate of an area for exploration and exploitation of common minerals needed for 60 km paved auto road between Baganuur and Mungunmorit and 58.5 km paved road between Toson Uul and Bayankhoshuu.