Kyrgyz PM Abylgaziyev pays courtesy call on President Kh.Battulga

2019-06-13 16:26:15

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic M.D.Abylgaziyev today paid a courtesy call on President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga, who is paying an official visit to the country.

Kyrgyz Prime Minister Abylgaziyev and President of Mongolia Battulga concluded that the visit has become successful. In particular, PM Abylgaziyev said he plans to visit Mongolia this autumn to make issues discussed during Mongolian President's visit actual works. Moreover, the PM thankfully accepted the proposal of the Mongolian President to host the Fifth World Nomad Games in Mongolia, expressing his commitment to support it.


As Kyrgyzstan receives around five million tourists a year, the sides discussed in detail issues such as mutually sharing experiences on tourism, importing halal meat from Mongolia as well as exporting fruits and groceries to Mongolia.