Niciton band to play concert in German cities

Art & Culture
2019-05-29 12:39:45

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Artists of the Mongolian rock band ‘Niciton’ are to perform their concerts in Berlin, Germany on June 1 and in Dusseldorf city on June 9.


The concert is being organized within the 45th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Germany and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and the Embassy of Mongolia in Germany are supporting it. Founder of ‘Mongolian Step’, the agency for Mongolian art and culture and Cultural Envoy of Mongolia Ts.Gerelee is managing the project.

Lead singer of the Bavarian Youth Jazz Orchestra Alma Naidu will perform as a guest singer from Munich. She will sing Mongolian and world hit songs together with the Niciton band.


The concert was included in the program of the theatres where it will be staged and it allowed audience to buy tickets online.