2100 patients of Arkhangai aimag completely cured

2019-05-24 14:59:29

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. G.Zandanshatar, Speaker of the Parliament, met with Ben Kamarck, Asia Pacific Regional Director of U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturer ‘Gilead Sciences’, on May 23.

Gilead Sciences implemented its ‘Access’ initiative to reduce liver disease in Mongolia. Within its Arkhangai project -- a part of its Access initiative, Hepatitis C medication ‘Harvoni’ was provided free for the treatment of patients of Arkhangai aimag.  

In total, 44 thousand people of the aimag were screened, of whom 2100 were tested HCV positive. As a result of the treatment, they have been completely cured.

Mr. Ben Kamarck said, “The Arkhangai project has completed with successful implementation. International health specialists commend that the project has been very effective so that can be an example in Asia and the Pacific. We used to implement this kind of project in other countries, but were not so successful like an achievement we did in Arkhangai aimag. Therefore, it is important to promote this experience throughout Mongolia and other countries.”

For his part, Mr. Zandanshatar requested to continue the project throughout the country.

In turn, Mr. Kamarck said, “We intend to continue this project in one or two aimags, or in the districts of Ulaanbaatar city. We will consult with the Ministry of Health about it.”

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