“Yamada” joint exhibition opens

2019-01-11 18:04:24

Japanese professional painter Yamada Atsushi and Members of the Union of Mongolian Artists M.Gan-Ochir and Kh.Ariunzaya have opened today their joint exhibition, ‘Yamada’ at the “Best Art Gallery” of the Union of Mongolian Artists. 

A total 35 paintings which have different meanings are on display. Japanese professional artist Yamada Atsushi mainly creates his works with topic of animal, using graphic and woodblock printing techniques. He has spent over a year since he came to Mongolia and now he is working as a teacher at the 1st secondary school in Sukhbaatar soum of Selenge aimag.

Artist Kh.Ariunzaya creates abstract paintings with character of dream and intuition and she aims to reflect nature of woman and love in her works. She exhibits her 12 paintings at the ‘Yamada’ exhibition.

Artist M.Gan-Ochir also creates his works in abstract art and his artworks that showed Mongolian traditional patterns being used from the ancient time are presented in the exhibition. His symmetrical abstract paintings look like mirror image while expressing theory of karma which refers to the law of cause and effect that every act brings about a certain result. The exhibition will run until January 19 at the “Best Art Gallery” of the Union of Mongolian Artists.

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