Dividends of 1072 shares to be distributed

2019-01-09 18:02:14

Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC presented its 2018 activity report today. The company overfulfilled its goals by 2.1 times, earning net profit of MNT 720 billion last year.

“Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC will distribute dividends to 2,511,000 people, each holding 1072 shares before issuing the IPO. The amount of dividends will be announced after submitting the decision from the shareholders meeting in April to the Government. Currently, the company’s financial statement is being audited,” noted B.Gankhuyag, CEO of the company.

Thanks to well performance, it is now possible to develop further infrastructure projects including construction of coal enrichment plant, power plant and railway. It was also emphasized that the required railroad of Gashuun Sukhait will be built and the road maintenance and parallelization works will start in April.

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