Mongolian team begins rally with a bright start

2019-01-09 17:34:53

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. A team representing Mongolia is currently participating in the 2019 Dakar Rally in Peru.

On January 7, in the first stage, they raced from Lima to Pisco, ranking 52nd in the overall ranking for cars and 6th in the UTV Open ranking. The general information and instructions for Stage 1 were given to the competitors two days before the race, in which they had to cover 84 km in the desert to reach the city of Pisco. The team is participating in the SxS class.

On the second day of the rally, they finished the race in 6 hours 8 minutes and 5 seconds, which covered the distance of 342 km in the desert, ranking 64th in the overall ranking. Despite running out of gas in the last 20 km, they managed to refuel with the help of a local.

In the 41st edition of the Dakar Rally, a total of 541 competitors from 61 countries are competing with 334 vehicles, which includes 137 motorbikes, 26 quads, 130 cars and 41 trucks. The rally will be featuring 10 stages, covering the distance of 5,000 km. It’s the first ever edition of the rally to take place only in one country as previously, each rally took place in 2-3 countries.

Teams of China, Japan, India and Mongolia are participating this year from Asia, competing with numerous Dakar Rally veterans. With IM U.Byambadelger as the team leader, the Mongolian team consists of two other members, U.Byambatsogt as the driver and B.Battur as the mechanic.