Annual catch limit for Tolbo and Achit rivers set at 32 tons

2019-01-08 11:44:41

Bayan-Ulgii /MONTSAME/ During its meeting on January 4, 2019, the Citizens’ Representative Meeting of Bayan-Ulgii aimag approved the annual catch limit on Tolbo lake at 20 tons and Achit river at 12 tons.


Proposals of the authorities of the soums and fisher companies were taken into consideration when approving the allowable catches. The Governor’s Office of soums will further sign an agreement with Kenjedara company, which put  fishing request. As a result of the fishing, revenues of MNT 5 million is estimated be accumulated to the Fund of Nogoonnuur soum and MNT 8 million to Tolbo soum.


In addition, although the catch limit was the same in 2018, only five tons of fish from Tolbo lake and four tons from Achit river were caught.