Czech company to recieve workforce from Mongolia

2018-10-18 14:25:59

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ As a result of the business meeting between Mongolia and the Czech Republic held during the ‘Expo Mongolia 2018’ international trade fair, entities of the two countries signed cooperation agreements.

Specifically, the Czech company ‘Atarikus’ and Mongolian OGP Group signed a Memorandum of cooperation on Supply of agricultural machinery, and the ‘Zimatechnik’ industrial technology company agreed to cooperate in waste management and energy production.

Representative of the Czech companies Vorrens and Atarikus, Richard Vomastek said “We operate in aircraft and truck production, protective equipment and all kinds of equipment. We also train aircrews, civil and military pilots. This is our first time in Mongolia. We met with entrepreneurs of Tuv aimag and visited the Expo Mongolia. The two countries have been in close partnership and been involved in many trade projects, and the cooperation needs to be revived. We are ready to receive workforce from Mongolia and cooperate with Mongolian entities in all possible ways.”

During the business meeting, entrepreneurs of the two countries noted that there is space for increasing bilateral investments and implementing projects on processing agriculture and livestock products by introducing advanced technologies and know hows.

The Czech Export bank, which used to support export of heavy equipment, shared its experience on supporting all kinds of export. The Bank noted the possibilities for the entrepreneurs to cooperate in agriculture, mining, energy, infrastructure, industrialization, environmental protection, health and other sectors as well.