8888 cloth cover for books donated to National Library

Society | Education
2018-08-01 16:48:18
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ JCI Capital presented results of the ‘Cloth cover for books’ project, implemented jointly with the National Library of Mongolia since 2015, and donated 8888 cloth cover for books to the library.

The ‘Swaddle the heritage’ campaign to bind about 35 thousand books and scriptures with old covers or without covers was organized under the project.

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, JCI Capital launched the campaign jointly with administration of Zavkhan aimag, Boroldoi bookstore and Literary union of the aimag, calling for entities, individuals, public and private organizations to join the campaign.

“We involved the public in the project to revive the tradition of honoring books and promote positive thinking. In 2017 over 80 organizations, classes, families and individuals actively participated in the project, donating 5203 handmade cloth covers. A total of about 15 thousand covers were donated in 2015-2017. As of July this year 3720 covers were handed over,” said J.Sandagsuren, 2018 JCI Capital President.

“Covering book enhances its preservation. In addition to covering, cataloging is under process. For instance, writings in Tibetan, Soyombo and Mongolian scripts come out of one cloth cover. Thus, we are recovering the books separating mixed ones in order to preserve them appropriately. The project has become the public wave for the last two years,” noted the director of the National Library of Mongolia B.Ichinkhorloo.

During the event, the JCI Capital announced its plan to donate 108 Mongol studies books written in English to the library.