Mongolia leads the region in fight against hepatitis

2018-07-27 20:51:16

According to a report, 1.3 million people died from liver cancer and cirrhosis caused by viral hepatitis B and C infections globally and 1614 deaths in Mongolia in 2017. Mongolia has been implementing the national program ‘Healthy Liver Mongolia’ since 2017 to decrease the infection rate.  

Annual death caused by liver cancer reached 2500 people in Mongolia but the death rate has decreased by 886 people in 2017. According to statistics, 330 thousand people are infected with hepatitis B virus and 221 thousand people with hepatitis C virus. Whereas 80 percent of liver cancer in Mongolia are diagnosed at late stage, stressed specialists.  

The main goal of the national program ‘Whole Liver Mongolia’ is to prevent from the infection. Specifically, 40 percent of people aged between 49-65 were involved in hepatitis testing last year. In 2017, the Government of Mongolia spent MNT 11.8 million for liver disease prevention and MNT 29.9 million has been budgeted for it this year.

World Hepatitis Day is being marked today in Mongolia in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) under the theme ‘Test, Treat Hepatitis’. 

WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific Dr.Shin Young-soo underlined that Mongolia is leading not only the region but also the world in the fight against hepatitis.  

Mongolia is celebrating WHD at home and focusing on how to prevent its people from hepatitis. During the event, hepatitis testing for 2000 target group people will be made free of charge with diagnosing device that met WHO’s quality standard. The second stage of the program is being realized this year and people between 15-39 ages will be involved in early detection testing of hepatitis B and C virus.

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