Launch of Zamyn-Uud free zone in temporary mode requested

2018-06-22 18:15:57
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Governor of Zamyn-Uud free zone L.Batnasan informed Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh who is on working visit in Dornogobi, the necessity to launch operations of Zamyin Uud free economic zone in temporary mode. Temporary mode means running free economic zone activities in micro scale, in other words in a selected area of  two to three ha,  developing shops and services akin to the Altanbulag free zone. He noted this can be done by enterprises without the government involvement.

Even though 35 enterprises have had permissions and submitted their projects to invest and operate in industry and service sectors, they are delaying their investment as second phase of the infrastructure development of the free zone has not been carried out and legal environment is not clear yet. 

It is necessary to issue a Government resolution on temporary operation of the free zone, assign tasks to relevant government bodies, provide legal status for the temporary operation and resolve financial resources for the commencement of the free zone in temporary mode, said Governor L.Batnasan.

"Establishment and operation of the free zone is one of the key goals of the Government. It is important project that  will give benefits. The issue has been under discussion for many years and a lot of money was spent on the free zone infrastructure development” said the PM and assigned the Governor to submit the issue urgently to the Cabinet, defining the facing problems.

Within the framework of the project on infrastructure improvement of Zamyn-Uud free economic zone, sets of works completed with the soft loan of China. These include establishment of water supply, sewerage, power plant, road and communication.  

USD 58.8 million was spent on these works, financing USD 50 million with China’s soft loan and USD 8.8 million by the Government of Mongolia. The construction work was executed by the Chine Camc Engineering, a Chinese company. No private sector’s construction work has been performed yet in the Zamyn-Uud free zone.
Except the ‘Khev Khashmal’ LLC’s production of an iron product that helps to align the mold when pouring concrete layers and protects from disassemble.