Recreation area built on 6,6 hectares of land

2018-06-04 15:30:15
Tuv /MONTSAME/ A Recreation area, covering 6,6 hectares of  land along Zuunmod river in Zuunmod soum, Tuv aimag was established by the "Ar bulag" LLC with funding of MNT238 million and officially opened last Friday, on July 01.

In recent years, waterlevel of the small river that flows through Zuunmod soum have decreased and it even stop flowing sometimes. A task on improving the waterlevel of the river was included in the Governor's Action Plan and the first area for leisure activity was established in Zuunmod soum. 

MNT238 million was allocated for the area construction from the local budget and this year, as the first course of the work, 1193 meters of iron fence, front and back gates, 10 small doors, fountain, 2 pergolas, 10 benches, 10 trash bins and a sidewalk were built on 6,6 hectares of land by the "Ar bulag" LLC.

Opening ceremony of the area was attended by the Chairman of Citizens' Representative Meeting Ts. Enkhbat, Governor  J.Batjargal, Head of the Governor's Office Ch.Sarangerel, Governor of Zuunmod soum Munkhbadral and executives from the "Ar bulag" LLC.

Further 8400 trees will be planted on 6,6 hectares of land and two hectares of land will be covered by green vegetation. The reforestation work will be done with the citizens’ participation and under the "One tree by every citizen" movement and, forestation work will be done till the area of Manjusri Monastery pass in Bogd  Khan Mountain, said D.Saran-Erdene, head of  Investment and Development Policy and Planning Department of Tuv aimag.
MNT250 million will be required from the local budget to continue the work in 2018 to build such as water mirror, deep well, seven-color fountain, mushroom-shaped pond, sandy beach, sunshades and more benches.