Center on reduction of air and environmental pollution opens

2017-10-23 16:52:41

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Information and Technical Center on Air and Environmental Pollution opened at the Barilga Megastore on October 20 at the initiative of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the National Committee on Environmental Pollution Reduction.

To be operated for three months, this center will give information to those people who are seeking ways to solve their heating system through environmentally-friendly techniques and technologies and they can purchase products after comparing prices. The center also supports citizens and companies that produce and supply environmentally-friendly technologies.

N.Tserenbat, Minister of Environment and Tourism, visited the center to get familiarized with the activities and shared his views with citizens and entities.

“In frameworks of a national program on air and environmental pollution reduction, the Cabinet made a decision on reducing the night-tariff of electricity to zero in ger areas. In accordance with the decision, the Ministry and the National Committee on Environmental Pollution Reduction have opened the center with an aim to help citizens enjoy the discount. Furthermore, consumers and citizens are able to obtain information about an establishment of the Green Credit Fund which aims to support those who buy or sell environmentally-friendly technologies," the Minister said.