‘MR’ brand’s unique quality of Mongolian leather

Mongolian Brands
2017-09-20 09:57:19
In recent years, the growing Mongolian national producers, engaged in manufacturing products made from Mongolian livestock animal skins and hides have been exporting their products to world markets. In this series of the ‘Mongolian Brand’ column, the MONTSAME Agency is introducing one of the domestic leather brands, ‘MR’ to our readers.

Even though it has been only 5 years since MR leather bags brand of Mongolian ‘SRB’ LLC was founded, its products are already popular among consumers from Mongolia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

The brand produces more than 70 types of leather bags including men’s, women’s and kids leather bags with different styles as well as 30 types of accessories such as purses and key chains.

The uniqueness of the brand lies in the raw materials it uses for its products – the hides of cattle and yak and the way they are processed to turn them into high quality leather. The outstanding technology the company uses to process the raw materials is what gives its brand products perfect quality.

The excellency of their products can be shown from the fact that Japanese people only buy leather from Mongolia for book covers because of its great quality. Also, the scraps of the materials are given to orphanage centers in Mongolia for training purposes.

Mongolia has over 60 million livestock animals and 83.2 percent of the territory is land for agricultural use. The long-standing nomadic culture of Mongolia has been benefitting Mongolian leather producers. Hides of livestock animals that are fed on natural grass in the wild pasture land of Mongolia, not contaminated by the polluted urban environment are the freshest and healthiest. It is remarkable that manufacturers are utilizing traditional nomadic herders’ technology without losing the basic quality of leather.

Mongolian leather producers are divided into two categories, users of Mongolian leather and leather importers. ‘MR’ brand products are made with pure Mongolian leather and created by Mongolian designers. The truly Mongolian MR brand was awarded the ‘Product with Best Design’ for 2015.

B.Enkh-Oyun, Director of ‘SRB’ said, “The period of experimenting and introducing our ‘MR’ brand is finished and the next stage of improvement starts this year. At first, we started with a small manufacturing workshop with 2-3 employees. Our first customers were Japanese people, who had played a main role in the improvement and growth of ‘MR’ brand. We have made a conscious effort during the first three years of our operation, aiming to attract Japanese customers who naturally demand high quality and standards.

‘MR’ brand products cost approximately USD 20-500. The main purpose of the ‘MR’ brand is to promote the high quality of Mongolian leather materials to consumers. About 3-4 bags can be made using imported leather materials, whereas just one bag is made with the same-size Mongolian leather. As there is not adequate meat production technology in Mongolia, herders slaughter their livestock animals manually outside of their homes which results in pricking and bruising animal hides. Due to that, Mongolian leather product makers are not always able to use their leather in the manufacturing process.

A leading player in the Mongolian leather production industry, ‘Mongol Shevro’ and ‘Darkhan Nekhii’ companies provide leather materials which are the primary goods of leather products. They professionally prepare the materials according to our requirements in color, design and types which certainly gives us an opportunity to produce as many products as we want.

‘Among the outstanding handmade products in different colors the MR brand offers, people from tropical countries are more interested in bright colored bags but Mongolian users usually buy bags with beige and natural colors’. Each year, the Mongolian leather industry prepares raw materials worth Tgs 150-160 billion from which national producers purchase raw materials of over Tgs 30 billion. The remaining Tgs 120 billion in raw materials are exported abroad.

‘MR’ brand well-liked in China

Tenger, famous singer from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China said ‘ I was recently invited as a guest of the popular Mongolian TV show ‘Hundred distinguished figures of Mongolia’. The show’s team gifted me with a leather bag of ‘MR’ brand. In China, the bag always catches people’s eyes and they often ask things like ‘Where is it made?’, ‘Is it expensive?’, or ‘the leather is beautiful’. I respond to them, ‘I do not focus on mundane things like material wealth and possessions’ I usually tell them ‘It is a product of my Mongolia’. It fills my soul.

Lifelong products of MR brand

B.Amarkhuu, Mongolian famous singer said ‘I am glad that was in an advertisement for ‘MR’ brand leather bags. It is said that quality does not need advertisement, but, we need to promote real quality to the public. I would like to say that customers do not need to waste their time looking for real quality, instead just go for ‘MR’ brand’.