N.Tsevegnyam becomes first Mongolian owner of professional sumo stable

2017-06-15 15:29:22
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ One of the pioneers of Mongolian sumo wrestlers Kyokutenho, whose original name is N.Tsevegnyam, 42, is the first among Mongolians to become an Oyokata, which means an owner of stable of the Japanese professional sumo.
With the rank, N.Tsevegnyam is given another Japanese name – “Tomozuna”. Tsevegnyam started his sumo career in 1992. He partook in 99 honbashos, bimonthly tournaments, in the highest division of professional sumo and retired in July of 2015.

At age 37, Kyokuntenho championed May basho of 2012 and won the Cup of Japanese Emperor. In 2005, Tsevegnyam became a citizen of Japan. The previous oyokata of Tomozuna stable, upon his retirement at 65-year-old, passed the leadership down to Tsevegnyam.