World-renowned Mongolian Brand – Erdenet Carpet

2017-06-02 11:17:17
Nowadays, when people are becoming more eager to use organic products, Mongolia has started to supply unique carpets made of 100 percent wool from grazing sheep and with designs keeping up with modern fashion.
Erdenet Carpet has achieved the Woolmark and Woolmark Blend quality marks. With the commissioning of latest technology knitting machines manufactured in Belgium installed in the carpet factory during the technological renovation in 2014-2015, Erdenet Carpet has been producing brand new lines of carpets called Attila and Unicarpet, which meet all international standards and has been supplying them to domestic and world markets.
Density of the Attila carpet is 1.0 million fibers per squaremeter, and these are the densest carpets ever produced in Mongolia. The most important advantage of the Erdenet Carpet factory over other carpet-makers is the fact that the company procures its materials straight from herders and conducts every step of production in its home country, thus, is a hundred-percent national brand.
Aside from carpets, the company also makes wool threads and felt products. Erdenet Carpet supplies 96 percent of the domestic carpet demand and exports 30 percent of its total production to more than 20 countries.
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