Deputy Minister remarks on scientific aspects of agriculture sector

2017-03-22 09:18:31

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ “There are over 200 technologies and products that can immediately find their application in production”, remarked J.Saule, Deputy Minister for Food, Agriculture and Light Industry during a meeting of the Ministry’s sub-council on science and technology.

The meeting was held last Friday to discuss economic and technological aspects of animal husbandry, veterinary, farming, plant protection, food, light industry and agriculture sectors.

“About 30 percent of seed sorts, 100 percent of potato sorts, 60 percent of vegetable sorts and 70 percent of fruit sorts studied and certified by scientists are being planted in Mongolia”, she said. Moreover in animal husbandry sector, 1 horse breed and 3 varieties, 3 camel breeds, 3 cattle breeds, 22 sheep breeds and 4 goat breeds and 5 varieties have been newly certified.

The Deputy Minister continued on her report, “4 discoveries of Mongolian veterinary researchers have been internationally acknowledged, and 64 animal vaccinations and 72 drugs and supplements have been invented”.

In 2008-2016, 72 science, technology  projects and 5 innovation projects were implemented in the science & technology areas of food, agriculture and light industry sectors, using MNT 5.5 billion fund from the Science and Technology Fund.  

“As such, we can tackle our challenges relying on the intellectual capacities of our scientists”, the Deputy Minister noted.