Siberian cold air and snowstorm on the way

2017-01-27 15:18:18

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ National Agency of Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring held a press conference today, January 27 to alert the public about an extreme weather conditions forecasted on the weekends.

A massive collection of cold, dry air coming from Siberia which is also called Siberian High is responsible for Mongolia’s severe winter conditions. As such, a wave of cold air is forecasted to enwrap Mongolia during the weekends, and National Emergency Management Agency advised the Mongolian people, especially herding families in provinces to stay alert.

Lieutenant Colonel J.Tsogt who represented the Emergency Management Agency said, “Often, people hit the road ignoring weather forecasts, and find themselves entrapped in snow, requiring emergency rescue. To minimize such incidents, we are holding this conference in advance”.

Tonight, heavy snowstorms are expected in Uvurkhangai, Bulgan, Tuv, and Dundgobi provinces; and Tuv, Khentii, Dornogobi and Sukhbaatar provinces should expect snowstorm tomorrow. Strong wind exceeding 20 metres per second is also expected in Uvurkhangai, Tuv, Umnugobi and Dundgobi provinces tonight and tomorrow.

As for Ulaanbaatar, average day-time temperature will drop by 10 degrees tomorrow; specifically, it will be -22 to -24 degrees Celsius tomorrow in the capital city.

On the national level, air temperature will drop by approximately 10 degrees until January 30, the forecast indicates.

L.Oyunjargal, Head of Division of Forecasting said, “Conveniently for children and students, the phenomenon will pass through during this weekend”, encouraging people to stay indoors to avoid the snowstorm and extreme cold.

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