Bank of Mongolia reports

2016-05-17 18:44:03

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Bank of Mongolia (BoM) has reported that money supply (broad money or M2) reached MNT 10.5 trillion at the end of April 2016, which increased by MNT 411.5 billion or 4.1% against March and by MNT 820.2 billion or 8.5% against the previous year.

At end of April this year, currency issued in circulation reached MNT 745.1 billion which increased by MNT 86.5 billion or 13.1% against March and by MNT 10.2 billion or 1.4% against the previous year.

Loans outstanding amounted to MNT 11.6 trillion at end of April 2016, decreasing by MNT 198.3 billion or 1.7% against the previous month and by MNT 667.5 billion or 5.4% against the previous year.

Principals in arrears reached MNT 917.2 billion at end of April 2016 which decreased by MNT 47.8 billion or 5.0% against the previous month, but increased by MNT 329.5 billion or 56.1% compared to same period of the previous year.

At end of April 2016, the non-performing loans over the bank system reached MNT 1,064.6 billion, increasing by MNT 96.8 billion or 10.0% against the previous month, by MNT 317.6 billion or 42.5% against the previous year.

Rate of non-performing loans in total loans outstanding was 9.2% which increased by 1.0 point compared with previous months and by 3.1 points compared to same period of the previous year.

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