National producers earn one billion MNT at Tsagaan Sar fair

2016-02-15 17:17:31

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Ministry of Industry reported February 15 that national companies accomplished sales of one billion MNT at the “Made in Mongolia–Tsagaan Sar 2016” fair.

The industrial sector announced 2016 “a year of domestic manufacturers and marketing”, in the margin of which the fair was organized anticipating the Tsagaan Sar–the Lunar New year. More than 450 companies have participated the event with over 1,580 types of products.

The Ministry of Industry named a “Mongol Baragshun” food supplement and “Goe” juice the best food products of 2016.

The leather backpacks by Mergen Tour, Hunnu Collection by Blue Sky Cashmere, cashmere shirts by Nekheesgui Edlel LLC, Happy Kids collection by Heroking Co., Hunnu Deel by Ulzii Tailoring and Morin Khuur (horse-head fiddle) by Uyangatsogt Amgalan Company were named the best industrial products.