Endeavours to Advance Mongolia-Uzbekistan Relations and Cooperation to New Level

2024-06-21 20:53:47

Ulaanbaatar, June 21, 2024 /MONTSAME/. An extensive working group comprising representatives from the Ministry of Mining and Geology, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Digital Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan arrived in Mongolia, on June 18, 2024.


The MONTSAME National News Agency of Mongolia has spoken with Minister of Mining and Geology of the Republic of Uzbekistan Bobir Farkhadovich Islamov.


What is the role of the mining sector in deepening the friendly relations between Mongolia and the Republic of Uzbekistan? What opportunities do the two countries have to develop relations and cooperation in this sector?


The discussion held today at the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry of Mongolia was highly fruitful. We discussed cooperation prospects in the mining industry, specifically in the field of mineral exploration. We are interested in cooperating in the exploitation of uranium, copper, and gold deposits. As you know, uranium production is a very complicated sector, which international regulation is required. The exploration of uranium has been successfully conducted in Mongolia for many years but the mining and export of the mineral have not begun yet. So, we discussed how to cooperate on trading uranium in the international market in a mutually beneficial way as two friendly countries.


I would like to emphasize the fact that Mongolia is rich in mineral resources and has enormous potential for mineral production. Mineral exports dominate in exports of Mongolia, and we are keen to cooperate in the mining sector, offering our technology and certain projects. Because Uzbekistan has experience in the mining sector.


Have you reached any new agreements in the cooperation in this sector?


We discussed our proposals in detail, and documents possible to be established in the future. The delegation from Uzbekistan comprises representatives from the Ministry of Digital Development, and the Ministry of Agriculture, besides a Mining Sector Working Group. We are working on formulating the basic principles of efficient cooperation between the two countries and the agenda of talks on cooperation in all fields to be discussed during the State Visit by President of Mongolia to our country soon.


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