Primary Market Trading of the First Municipal Bond Opens

2024-06-20 18:35:08

Ulaanbaatar, June 20, 2024 /MONTSAME/. The primary market trading of Ulaanbaatar City Bond, the first municipal bond in Mongolia,  solemnly opened today with the sounding of the gong.


The bonds valued at MNT 500 billion are offered openly on the domestic market with “BDSec” and “MICC” as underwriters and “Tavan Bogd Capital”, “Golomt Capital”, and “TDB” as syndicators.


Ulaanbaatar City has 1450 km of paved roads. Due to the increased population and vehicles in Ulaanbaatar in recent years, the City road networks do not meet the needs. Studies show that the number of vehicles will only increase in the future. To improve the transport passing capacity in the Capital City, 73.1 km of main and auxiliary roads, and roads within apartment complexes are planned to be laid in 27 locations along with infrastructure pipelines.

Incomes generated from the Ulaanbaatar bonds will be also spent on the construction of the New Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. To fully commission the new Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, it is necessary to finish the construction and commissioning of the Tuul-1 wastewater collection system. Once operational, the Tuul-1 wastewater collection system will reduce the current load of the existing systems by 35 percent. Experts note that this will enable wastewater collection from micro-districts being built in the Gachuurt, Uliastai, Nalaikh, Amgalan, Sharkhad, Dambadarjaa, Bayankhoshuu, Togloit, and Bayangoliin Am areas. 

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