“Chinggis Khaan” International Exhibition to Open in Prague

Art & Culture
2024-06-20 12:36:31

Ulaanbaatar, June 20, 2024 /MONTSAME/. Under the auspices of President of Mongolia and President of the Czech Republic, an International Exhibition themed “Chinggis Khaan” will be opened in the Czech National Museum in Prague, within the first quarter of 2025. Next year will mark the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the Czech Republic.

An official contract regarding the exhibition was signed by Director of the “Chinggis Khaan National Museum” of Mongolia S. Chuluun and  General Director of the National Museum of the Czech Republic Michal Lukeš on June 19, 2024.

The exhibition will display exhibits dating back to the Hunnu Empire and the Great Mongol Empire, as well as Buddhist religious artifacts.

The “Chinggis Khaan Museum” of Mongolia organized the “Chinggis Khaan: How the Mongols Changed the World” exhibition in Nantes, France, in 2023. Within five months of the display of the exhibition, 250 thousand visitors explored Mongolian history and culture. The artifacts displayed in the exhibition in Nantes were shipped back to Mongolia, which will be demonstrated at the National Museum in Prague in 2025, and later at the Rietberg Museum in Zürich, Switzerland in October 2025, and then in the US and Canada.

The National Museum of the Czech Republic opened in 1818 and currently has over 20 million exhibits, which make up 30 percent of all museums’ collections in the Czech Republic. Considered one of the biggest museums in Europe, it employs 300 researchers and experts and sees over 1.5 million visitors annually. There are over 2500 Mongol artifacts in the Museum, 50 percent of which are religious, and the remaining are everyday items used by Mongols. In collaboration with the Chinggis Khaan Museum, the National Museum of the Czech Republic will publish a book called “Mongol Heritage in Czechia” as part of the “Heritage of Mongols Spread Around the World” literary project supported by the Ministry of Culture of Mongolia.

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