New Thermal Power Plant Put into Operation in the Eastern Region of Mongolia

2024-06-07 10:45:07

Ulaanbaatar, June 6, 2024 /MONTSAME/. The new 50-megawatt (MW) thermal power plant of the “Eastern Region Energy System” State-Owned Joint Stock Company was put into operation on June 6, 2024, in Dornod Aimag, Mongolia.

Intending to meet the rising energy and thermal consumption in the eastern region of Mongolia, then-Prime Minister Khurelsukh Ukhnaa initiated the construction of a new thermal power plant in 2019. The current thermal power plant under the “Eastern Region Energy System” State-Owned Joint Stock Company has a capacity of 36 MW, whereas the energy consumption in the eastern region in 2024 exceeds the base installed production capacity by 25-27 MW. The new thermal power plant, which supplies 300 million kWh of power per year, helps mitigate the heavy load on the central system, providing reliable electricity to households, enterprises, and factories in Dornod, Sukhbaatar, and Khentii aimags.

At the Opening Ceremony, President of Mongolia emphasized that the construction of the plant would play a significant role in developing the eastern region and improving citizens' living and working environments. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, geopolitical difficulties, and other trying times, the plant's construction successfully continued and was completed. President expressed gratitude to the government, private sector, engineers, and technical workers for their enduring efforts. 

The thermal power plant is crucial for resolving the energy needs of deposits, such as Mardai, Tamsag, and Tumurtei. Additionally, it will ensure a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply for the construction of the railway connecting to the Trans-Siberian Railway through the Bichigt-Ereentsav border crossings.

This new thermal power plant marks a new chapter in Mongolian-Chinese cooperation. President Khurelsukh noted, "Future priority projects in energy sector development, including the expansion of Thermal Power Plant No. 3 in Ulaanbaatar and the Tavantolgoi Thermal Power Plant, will be implemented in stages. The Buuruljuut Power Plant project's first phase will be completed by October 2024." The Chinese company "TBEA" was selected as the general contractor for the project, which is being implemented with a loan of USD 60 million from the Development Bank and USD 21.9 million financed by the State Budget of Mongolia.

With the commissioning of a new thermal power plant utilizing advanced technologies with a minimal environmental impact and capable of combined heat and power production, several benefits will be realized:

-Electricity production will increase by 300 million kWh, representing a 130 percent rise,

-Thermal energy production will increase by 100 Gcal/hour,

-This will enhance the competitiveness of Dornod, Sukhbaatar, and Khentii aimags, creating favorable conditions for the development of centralized urban areas,

The need to supply 15-17 MW of electricity from the central region will be eliminated, reducing the load on the integrated system,

-Approximately 130 permanent jobs will be created.

The project implementation involved a large team of 1570 engineers and technical workers from Mongolia, China, and Vietnam. Additionally, over 80 specially equipped vehicles were utilized during construction.