Ondo Space LLC Ready for Commercial Operations with its Satellites

2024-06-04 12:13:14

Ulaanbaatar, June 4, 2024 /MONTSAME/. The first private space technology company in Mongolia “Ondo Space” LLC launched two 0.5U CubeSat satellites from California, United States, to conduct Internet of Things(IoT) tests in March 2024. 


“The two satellites named ONDOSAT-OWL-1 and ONDOSAT-OWL-2 are in low earth orbit, or 550km above the surface, and have successfully passed all technical tests,” stated Chief Technology Officer of “Ondo Space” LLC D. Amartuvshin. 


The market trial of equipment for locating and status-tracking of mobile equipment has begun. Ondo Space’s first step is introducing services for locating livestock in isolated areas with no network and monitoring long-haul trucking. These services which are feasible in foreign markets will be provided in Mongolia first. 


As its domestically produced satellites are operating properly, Ondo Space has started cooperation with space technology companies from Japan and South Korea and offers its system and services to other international companies, including manufacturing satellites, co-launching commercial satellites, and ground station services.

Ondo Space has signed a contract with Space X to launch 10 satellites in October 2024. The company has started preparation for its 2025 plan to launch into space a 6U satellite to test technology of direct connection from satellite to smartphone, and 20 more Internet of Things satellites. This will allow users to send and receive messages via direct satellite connection (Direct2Cell) from places where mobile service is inaccessible, starting from 2025.  


Ondo Space plans to launch 176 satellites into low earth orbit by 2027. 

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