Big Data Analytics System Launched in Education Sector

2024-03-01 15:22:12

Ulaanbaatar, March 1, 2024. /MONTSAME/. The Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia has launched a big data analytics system for the education sector under the theme "Education-Big Data".

The Ministry of Education and Culture is implementing the digital transition in the education sector on a large scale. As a part of the implementation of the State Big Data initiative of the Government of Mongolia, the system has been developed to use data analytics in the strategic and daily decision-making process in the sector, as well as introducing data and evidence-based policy planning, the Ministry reports.

The education sector has been able to generate big data in recent years through management, information systems, educational assessment, and e-services. However, these databases used to be managed by separate organizations and the use and information exchange were poor.

Over the past year, the Ministry of Education and Science integrated these databases and developed a system for analyzing, reporting, and processing the data using artificial intelligence. Hence, all the detailed information related to teachers and the progress of students has become accessible. Moreover, there has been noticeable progress in information exchange with other sectors.

The system development will progress so that heterogeneous big data will be processed and enable students not to fall behind in their studies by making analyses in decision-making in the education sector and the learning process of students with the help of artificial intelligence.

The launching ceremony was attended by the Minister of Education and Science  Enkh-Amgalan Luvsantseren, advisor of the "Education-Big Data-AI (Artificial Intelligence)" project Dr. Raju Varanasi, and representatives of the education and information technology sectors.