“Eduten” Motivates Students in Mathematics

2024-02-29 10:43:25

Ulaanbaatar, 2024 February 29 /MONTSAME/  A day to publicize the "Eduten" digital math learning platform and present the results and progress was organized in Zavkhan aimag. More than 500 people including principals of 29 schools of general education and 38 kindergartens in Zavkhan aimag, teachers, students and parents participated in the event.

At the event, detailed information was provided on the “Eduten” platform, which aims to improve the quality of the mathematics curriculum in secondary schools and support children's development. The information included:

-Introduction of "Eduten"

-"Eduten" platform use, progress and results

-Conclusions based on the progress of school and teachers' training activities, and students' active participation

-The importance of "Eduten" and the role of parents.

Also, the students of the 3rd-4th grades of general education schools performed the exercises activated by the teacher in the digital system independently and together with their parents, created a database of difficult tasks of the "Eduten" platform, and displayed an exhibition with explanations of the tasks. Moreover, the progress of the students and necessary improvements in the future were reviewed and presented.

With the “Eduten” digital platform students are provided with numerous benefits such as:

-Active learning in mathematics and a responsible approach to any problem

-Learn how to solve problems faced

-Develop the abilities to think logically, and work with others as well as independently.