"Ulaanbaatar" International Poetry Forum for Fostering Global Recognition

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2023-05-23 17:10:47

Ulaanbaatar, May 23, 2023 /MONTSAME/. The "Ulaanbaatar" International Poetry Forum was meticulously organized on May 19-22 with the purpose of fostering global recognition of Mongolian literature, enhancing the nation's image through its rich literary heritage, enlightening the society, reinforcing national values, and fostering broader collaborations.


A total of 11 esteemed poets and publishers hailing from 9 different countries, alongside over 200 Mongolian poets, writers, translators, researchers, and rural representatives, actively participated in the forum. The event encompassed “Literature and the Modern Day” poetry conversations, “Literary Cooperation” seminar, and “Harmony of Languages” literature reading which proved to be resoundingly successful, fostering a profound exchange of experiences and insights among the attendees.


During the International Poetry Forum, 38 poems by Mongolian and other countries’ poets were translated, and new books including "Embracing the Fog" by Israeli poet, professor, and famous architect Haim Dotan, and "The Road Stretched to the Sky" by Bangladeshi poet, translator, and publisher Aminur Rahman were launched.


For your interest, Israeli poet Haim Dotan is also an architect and one of his major works is the glass bridge from the film "Avatar", which is one of the 11 most majestic bridges in the world. He teaches at the School of Fine Arts of Shanghai Fudong University, and his poetry books such as "After the Rain" and "The Echo in The Desert" have been published in several languages.


During the forum a memorandum of understanding on publishing an anthology of Mongolian and Spanish poetry in 2024 in Madrid, Spain was signed. In order to translate Mongolian literature to foreign languages and introduce new world classics to Mongolians, there is a need for professional literary translators and professional researchers, noted the scholars and writers during the event.

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