Mongolian Athletes Excel in WISF Championships

2023-05-11 15:17:09

Ulaanbaatar, May 11, 2023 /MONTSAME/. The World Intellectual Sports Federation (WISF) successfully organized the "Mental Arithmetic," "Speed Cubing," and "Spelling Bee" Championships in Antalya, Turkiye, from the 7th to the 9th of May. The competition attracted the participation of over 100 athletes from four countries.


Representing Mongolia, eleven intellectual sports athletes from the Mongolian Intellectual Academy and the "Yazguur" elementary school, which implements the academy's program, successfully competed in their respective age groups. The team achieved outstanding results, with nine athletes earning first, second, or third place in their categories, and two athletes securing special recognition. In total, the team earned 12 out of the 15 possible medals.




"Mental Arithmetic” competition


Age category: Under 8  "Higher" level:


1st place: S. Chingim ("Yazguur" Elementary school)


2nd place: B. Garid ("Yazguur" Elementary school)


3rd place: U. Amin-Erdene (Uvurkhangai branch)


Special recognition: B. Temuulen (Yarmag Branch)


9-10 age category "Upper" level:


1st place: E. Munkhbaatar (Ulaankhuaran branch)


2nd place: D. Chinguun ("Yazguur" Elementary school)


9-10 age category "Basic" level:


1st place: T. Manlai ("Yazguur" Elementary school)


Over 11 years category "Higher" level:


1st place: M. Buyanjargal (Huvsgul branch)


Special recognition: B. Khongorzul (Huvsgul branch)


"Spelling Bee" English spelling competition


1st place: T. Manlai ("Yazguur" Elementary school)


2nd place: A. Odbilig ("Yazguur" Elementary school)


3rd place: D. Chinguun ("Yazguur" Elementary school)


"Speed Cubing" competition


2nd place: O. Tuvshin (Gobisumber branch)


3rd place: B. Garid ("Yazguur" Elementary school)


Thus, the Mongolian Academy of Intellectual Sciences successfully participated in the 63rd intellectual sports competition held in  countries such as America, England, Germany, India, China, Sweden, Turkey, Singapore, Japan, and Korea, won 117 trophies and 1208 medals, set many new world records and continues to promote the country successfully internationally.