Khuvsgul Aimag's Tourism Services to be Digitalized

2023-01-16 18:12:22

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The services and information of the stakeholders of the tourism industry will be integrated into a digital platform to enable tourists to order and pay for their services online.


During the opening ceremony of a "Year to Visit Khuvsgul" held on weekends, a Memorandum of Understanding on this matter was established between the authorities of the Khuvsgul aimag, "iTrip" LLC, and Gastronom Mongolian Tourism Association. 


The cooperation is starting with renewing the national cuisine menu for tourists coming to Khuvsgul aimag. Participating parties' information will be posted on the iTrip web application, the leading platform of tourism.


Thus, the tourism industry's digitalization was launched starting with Khuvsgul aimag.


The Government of Mongolia announced tourism as a priority sector to develop the economy and declared 2023-2025 as "The Years to Visit Mongolia." In its framework, Khuvsgul aimag plans to take the following measures to develop the tourism industry in 2023:

  • To expand and categorize travel and tourism based on the unique features of aimag and soum,
  • To increase opportunities to operate a set of tourism services,
  • To intensify local and overseas promotion.


Khuvsgul aimag will organize events, such as Snow and Reindeer festival in February, the "Blue Pearl" festival in March, the Erica flower festival in May, the "Sarlag" festival, and the Mongolian Wrestlers festival in July.

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