FAO celebrates Women Food Heroes on World Food Day

2022-10-15 14:12:41

The founding day of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) was declared as "World Food Day" and is celebrated every year around the world. This year's theme of World Food Day is Leave no one behind. 

World Food Day was celebrated in Mongolia on October 14th and highlighted the role of women in the food and agriculture sector, vital to meeting the food and nutrition needs of the population. FAO awarded “She - The Food Hero” to four women for their contribution to the national food security.

This year’s World Food Day also emphasizes the importance of traditional foods in contributing to the dietary diversity, nutrition and health of local populations. FAO, in cooperation with the National Museum of Mongolia, presents the "Mongolian Traditional Food Culture" exhibition which is open to the public until November 14. In parallel, a photo exhibition illustrates the many aspects of women's participation in food production. The exhibition aims to support and draw public attention to the cultural wealth of the Mongolian food system and its role in local diets, community economies and the environment.

A series of public events were organized in relation to World Food Day. The winners of the student and researcher categories of the research conference “Food security – Sustainable production 2022” along with the high school student who won the “Leave no one behind” essay competition received their awards on the World Food Day event on October 14.

“World Food Day is celebrated to raise public awareness of the strategic importance of the food and agriculture sector in economic growth, social development, and ecosystem balance, to continue the collective discussion on the achievements, challenges and solutions, and highlight everyone's role in the sustainable development of the food system and food security”, said Vinod Ahuja, FAO Representative in Mongolia. 

Faced with the challenges of the pandemic, conflict, climate change, and rising prices, FAO calls for global solidarity to build Better production, Better nutrition, a Better environment, and a Better life that leaves no one behind.