‘Portraits of Khans’ exhibition opens at Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum

Art & Culture
2020-10-28 16:03:14

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Artist D.Amaraa, native from Sukhbaatar aimag opened his photography and painting exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum of Zanabazar on October 28. 

Mongolia is home of myriad of kurgan stelae, daring back to ancient times, and such stone monument heritages are widely found in Dornod and Sukhbaatar aimags. Artist Amaraa travelled across Mongolia and Inner Mongolia of China in the past two years, researching and documenting the stone statues in Mongolia. 

To showcase his findings and works of the last two years, Amaraa opened the exhibition of photography and paintings of the stone heritages and culture of Mongolia. 

He staged his solo art exhibition ‘Horses of Four Times’ in 1998, and ‘Character of Four Directions’ exhibition of water color paintings in 2018 and ‘Color of Dariganga’ photography exhibition in 2015. 

The exhibition runs through November 6.