Main building of NUM to be taken under protection of cultural heritage

Art & Culture
2020-08-10 17:11:55

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At the meeting of the Council of Governor of the Capital City, dated August 7, Head of the Social Policy Department of the Capital City S.Myagmarjav presented about issues surrounding the cultural heritage buildings and structures in Ulaanbaatar city, a count and registration of their locations, establishment of protection zones to them, as well as development of culture heritage tourism and a study on financial sources in regard to them.

There are 41 buildings in Ulaanbaatar city in need to be taken under registration and preservation of cultural heritage. Several buildings, including a former building of the Government of Mongolia, main academic building of the National University of Mongolia and a building of Mongolia’s first modern hotel, are in the list of buildings necessary to be taken under protection anew.

While, buildings of Geser Temple Complex, Ulaanbaatar City Museum, Junior Center for Creative Arts, Dambadarjaalin Monastery and “Goojingyn Undur” where former Prime Minister Ts.Namnansuren used to live, are considered to be in urgent need of restoration.

Furthermore, Gandantegchinlen Monastery Complex, Dari-Ekh Temple, its two stone pillars, and the main temple buildings are among the buildings that are required to upgrade their activities and ensure their conservation. The Zhukov House Museum, Betub and Tuvdenpeljeelin Monasteries should be removed from the list of protected places.

It is also planned to organize sightseeing tours in four different areas of the capital city, namely, ‘Ikh tengeriin Am Mount-Zaisan (of the Bogd Mountain)’, ‘Gandantegchinlen-Central Postal Office’, ‘Tour in the eastern part of Ulaanbaatar city’ and ‘Dambadarjaalin-Dashchoilon Monastery” with a view to promote cultural heritage buildings in Ulaanbaatar city as a tourism destination.