Mongolia celebrating Naadam Festival, with live broadcasts of traditional events amid COVID-19

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2020-07-11 13:18:24

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Mongolians are celebrating the National Naadam Festival on the occasion of the 2229th anniversary of Foundation of the first Mongolian Statehood, 814th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and 99th anniversary of People’s Revolution of Mongolia with various traditional sports and cultural events nationwide. Days from July 11, Saturday to July 15, Wednesday mark official public holiday in the county in accordance with the law on Public Holiday. 

To prevent from COVID-19 pandemic, a decision was made to organize the National Naadam Festival by avoiding mass gathering and following the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health. 

The main official celebration at the central field of this year’s Naadam Festival - XIII Century Complex in Erdene soum, Tuv aimag, began today, July 11, with an opening address of President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga and him paying tribute to the State Nine White Banners of Mongolia. 

The opening ceremony and concert of the festival was broadcast live on television and social media channels, followed by traditional tournaments for wrestling, archery, and knuckle-bone shooting that are also being organized and broadcast from their designated festival sites at the XIII Century Festival. At the central field of Naadam Festival, the traditional wrestling tournament of 512 wrestlers - the main sports event of Naadam Festival are taking place at this moment.

The horse racing events, which traditionally attracted thousands of spectators at the Khui 7 Khudag Valley on the outskirts of Ulaabaatar city, are being held without audience and broadcast through public media and online these days and strictly following the guidelines and recommended procedures issued by the State Emergency Commission, the Ministry of Health and other professional organizations.

The Mongolian National Broadcaster and 16 TV channels of the Mongolian TV Channels’ Association are broadcasting the tournaments for the public, using modern technological advancements and high speed internet. 

Program of events for National Naadam Festival 2020 – July 11, Saturday. (Full program of Naadam Festival is available here)

Saturday, July 11


07.00-11.00: Stallion horse race, at Khui Doloon Khudag
08.00-11.00Knucklebone shooting tournament at knucklebone shooting field

08:30-12:00 First matches of National Khana Archery tournament
President of Mongolia officially opens Naadam Festival and pay respect to the Great White Banners, at the central field of the Naadam Festival
11.10: Grand Opening of the National Holiday-Naadam Festival

11.40-12.40: Official opening of knucklebone shooting, at knucklebone shooting field

11.50-15.00: Wrestling tournament, round 1, at the central field of the Naadam Festival      

12:00-13:00: Opening of National Archery, at archery field

12:00-15:00Above five-year-old horse (Ikh nas) race at Khui Doloon Khudag
13:00-16:00: Middle stage of National Khana Archery Tournament

13:00-20:00Semi-final tournament of knucklebone shooting

15.20-18.00: Wrestling tournament, round 2

16:00-19:00 Half-bred horses’ race

16:00-17:30 Final matches of National Khana Archery tournament at archery field                                                        17.30-20.30: First matches of National Khasaa Archery tournament at archery field                                    

21.00:24:00 ‘Ulaanbaatar Night’ virtual cultural performance

23.00: Firework displays for Naadam Festival on central square as well as near Bayankhoshuu, Maakhuur Tolgoi and Dambadarjaa in Ulaanbaatar City