Gobi-Ugtaal soum promotes practice of making airag in khokhuur in 2020

Art & Culture
2020-02-07 15:33:18

Dundgobi /MONTSAME/ Gobi-Ugtaal soum of Dundgobi aimag called for its herders to make airag in khokhuur (cowhide vessel) and encouraged businesses engaged in the production and preparation of khokhuur and hides in 2019.

The soum’s local development fund provided loans of MNT 35 million to three selected projects of production of khokhuur and preparation of hides. Thanks to that, around 20 herder households of the soum started using khokhuur. Also, Gobi-Ugtaal soum Governor U.Enkh-Amgalan plans to increase the number of practitioners, promote the practice and local companies engaged in khokhuur production and make brands.

Elderly herders say airag made in khokhuur tastes far better and is more nutritious than the one made in plastic or wooden containers.