Shared national values to be promoted through Vision-2050

2020-01-21 17:43:19

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The ‘Vision-2050’ is a policy document, which was formulated by a working group comprising of 1500 people, including scholars, experts and state secretaries of 13 ministries, heads of some government agencies, authorities of universities and representatives of non-government organizations. According to the Prime Minister's order No: 52 dated April 30, 2019, the working group analyzed development stages of the past 30 years of Mongolia and formulated the policy document that will define long and mid-term development policy until 2050. We are presenting 9 fundamental goals of the development policy in detail. 

For any country, the concept of shared values correlates with its national identity and the unity of its people’s spirits, aspirations, and inner nature is a matter of vital importance as well as the very root of the country’s existence and development.

It is of primary importance to define the shared national values of Mongolia and support them with policies in the light of the fact that national culture has a key role in the conservation of traditional lifestyle and distinctiveness of Mongolians.

For a nation, the best way of securing its future existence is to conserve its fundamental characteristics at this special time when countries are becoming more and more similar in all cultural, economic, and social spheres and globalization has taken effect. The ability to conserve the uniqueness of national cultures which incorporates fight and avoidance of negative foreign cultural practices that go against cultural values of a country or an ethnic group and to be adapted to beneficial modern cultural practices gives an opportunity to ensure cultural immunity. Therefore, national values and cultural immunity rooted in those values are crucial factors in the protection of fundamental properties and distinctiveness of a nation.

There are personal and social values such as benevolence, kindness, law, education, morality, equality, justice, freedom, amity, awareness, finesse, community participation, transparency, revered idol, adoration, faith, health, accountability, and creativity, but they are nothing without an independent MOTHERLAND, land and MONGOLIANS living there, NOMADIC CULTURE representing the nation’s uniqueness and the HISTORY, CULTURAL HERITAGE, and ARTWORKS stemming from that culture, as well as the perfect harmony between TRADITION and MODERNITY that allows modernization. On the other hand, personal and social values closely correlate with national properties and create NATIONAL IDENTITY through the balance of tradition and modernity in national interests, attributes of a Mongolian, nomadic culture, history, culture, and works of art.

Therefore, the purpose of this goal is “to create shared national values that can support the establishment of a nation deeply cognizant of the concept of national identity/distinctiveness by ingraining “One Language, one history, one culture, and one belief” rooted in scientific evidence provided by precise modern scientific methodology in people”

This goal comprises of the following sub development goals:

  1. To glorify Mongolia’s national values in the world, promote Mongolian culture and elevate its reputation and value abroad, and deepen the partnership of Mongolians and Mongolian ethnic groups abroad;
  2. To become the leading country in terms of the conservation of innovative Mongolian-centered nomadic culture based on traditional heritages and way of thinking;
  3. To have every citizen use traditional Mongolian script as part of the national values;
  4. To foster patriotism and strengthen unity through statehood traditions and cultural heritages and works of literature and art;
  5. To conduct studies of values as well as nomadic culture, history of Mongolia, language, customs, religion, and philosophy, which are the priorities of international Mongolian studies and show their results to the public, and boost public enlightenment to a higher level;