Memorandum signed for joint establishment of solar power station with ROK

2019-12-10 13:14:14

Orkhon /MONTSAME/. A Memorandum of Cooperation between Orkhon aimag and Mine Reclamation Corp. (MIRECO) of the Republic of Korea has been established with signing the document by Deputy Governor of Orkhon aimag S.Batjargal and Head of the Representative Office of MERECO Yon Gyu Hun. With the memorandum, the first talks will be held on the establishment of the solar power station at the dump in Govil bagh.


The side of Republic of Korea will be responsible for developing the feasibility study of the project, and the construction work is to kick off once the Ministry of Energy gives permission. In 2020, a joint waste processing factory is planned to be established with a soft loan from the Government of Poland at the dump, during which the solar power station will serve as great support.